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About Us

Bolt Cycles was established in 2019, as we saw there was a great appreciation for customised motorcycles in the Davao region, but there was a lack of builders that were stretching the limits of design and colour. We had some bold ideas for our designs and started out by using our own base bikes to create some truly amazing custom bike designs, with colour combinations that were unseen in our region. It is our willingness to take chances with our designs, without compromising the quality that has allowed us to stand out from the crowd.

Best of Our Works

Our Builds

Take a moment to appreciate our collection of past builds, each bike is unique and we name them accordingly. We have separated custom builds to demonstrate our start to finish designs and our customer guided projects, both have some spectacular results that will certainly inspire you on your new custom build.

You will be able to see the accessories used, the colour combinations and overall designs that we have built.

We build it how you want it

Customize your bike

We will take your base bike and design your dream bike, all the while including you in the experience. We treat each build as a collaboration with the owner because we understand that your bike is family.

Accesories & Parts

Our Shop

  • AGV X70 Helmet (Black/Gold)

    The AGV X70 Helmet refreshes of a truly iconic piece of motorcycle history.

    $6,500.00 Select optionsView Details
  • BELL Custom 500 Helmet

    BELL Custom 500 Helmet

    $8,200.00$8,500.00 Select optionsView Details
  • Bell Qualifier

    $11,000.00 Select optionsView Details
  • Biltwell Bonanza Sierra Green

    Some people prefer the winds of freedom to hit them squarely in the face. If that’s your style, Bonanza’s your helmet. US DOT-certified for safety. Lightweight and generously padded for comfort.

    $6,500.00 Select optionsView Details
  • Biltwell Gringo ECE Holeshot Helmet Black/Gold

    The Biltwell Gringo is modern moto-classic with maximum focus on protection and style without all of the unnecessary stuff you don’t need.

    $12,500.00 Select optionsView Details
  • Biltwell Gringo S

    Biltwell Gringo S Metallic Sea Foam

    Biltwell Gringo S [Metallic Sea Foam]

    Our ECE-certified Gringo S boasts fit, finish and safety technology identical to its full-face sibling, but features a CE-certified flip-up face shield for added safety and riding comfort.

    $12,000.00 Select optionsView Details