A Few Words

About Us

Bolt Cycles was established in 2019, as we saw there was a great appreciation for customised motorcycles in the Davao region, but there was a lack of builders that were stretching the limits of design and colour. We had some bold ideas for our designs and started out by using our own base bikes to create some truly amazing custom bike designs, with colour combinations that were unseen in our region. It is our willingness to take chances with our designs, without compromising the quality that has allowed us to stand out from the crowd.

Our big difference is that we work with our clients to build exactly what they want and within their budget. We even have a large range of base bikes to chose from if you do not have a base bike to get started with, big brands like Honda’s, Suzuki’s, Kawasaki’s, Euro’s, Sym’s and Rusi’s are all available in various models as base bikes for your next custom bike.

Our team is dedicated to building great quality bikes that satisfy our customers. Our work is of the highest quality and our pricing is affordable.

We build it how you want it

Customize your bike

We will take your base bike and design your dream bike, all the while including you in the experience. We treat each build as a collaboration with the owner because we understand that your bike is family.