How does it feel to own a Custom motorcycle?

by | Feb 3, 2022

Owning a motorcycle is a journey in itself. However, owning a customized motorcycle is an entirely different feeling. But how does it feel to own a customized motorcycle compared to the near-perfect design of a factory-built stock motorcycle?


Owning a custom motorcycle not only differentiates you from the millions of riders in the world. But also adds your style and flavour to the bike itself. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bobber, a cafe racer, scrambler or a cruiser. As long as you got a few tweaks into your stock bike, it’s considered a custom motorcycle already.

You won’t need to worry about having a similar looking bike, knowing that everyone has their particular taste when it comes to the “perfect” build.

Having your custom motorcycle parked amidst other motorcycles, you’ll easily manage to spot your bike just because of its appearance that stands out and makes a statement.

Unlimited Customization

Having done a few customizations to your bike means that you won’t be shy about adding or removing a few more into the equation. Not only will you want to start adding or removing parts, but you might change the overall look and feel of the bike that fits you best.

Many shops have sprung up in terms of custom motorcycles because they’re easier to do than cars, but it shows the popularity of custom motorcycles as a whole.

Fit For Comfort and Style

Say you like a particular bike but want to fit it to your specific vision. That’s possible when you can customize your bike in a custom shop that can help create that vision into reality.

Many custom motorcycle designs are what the owner likes and would want to ride on and show off to the world. It’s a mixture of comfort and style that you’d be happy to ride for thousands of kilometres with your group, your significant other, or even solo.

A Love Project

A custom motorcycle adds value to your purchase as you know it will be with you for a long time. You’re not so quick as to let go of it when you get bored (and that’s a big IF) and want to make it a showpiece instead.

A custom motorcycle that you either built from the ground up or had a custom shop build to your liking has sentimental value to you, the rider that you would want to keep on talking about to your friends as compared to a full stock motorcycle.


Owning a custom motorcycle gives you and your steed your own identity that people from afar can tell that it’s yours and no one else has that. If anything else, it’s for your benefit on the look and feel of the bike that everybody will appreciate as you pass by.

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